Like an Ice Cream Cone

All I have to do is say the word ice cream and I have my son’s undivided attention. He likes strawberry flavor and he calls it his pink ice cream. A while ago he had his first ice cream cone. It’s simple moments like this that create lasting impressions for both daddy and son. My … Continue reading Like an Ice Cream Cone

The Truth is

The truth is we are all broken and it’s just part of being human to suffer pain. Smashing your finger with a hammer hurts. Slicing open your finger with a knife doesn’t feel good either. According to the National Institute of Health Statistics the annual cost of pain and being human in the United States, … Continue reading The Truth is

Where is the blender?

In our house there is a morning ritual that consist of blending a delectable mix of fruits that taste so good it would make your tongue rise up and do jumping jacks. We put our own little touch of flavor to make the perfect smoothie for our palate. My son calls them juicy’s and if … Continue reading Where is the blender?

the bug machine

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? I think we all are. People deal with fear everyday and it comes in different forms. Here is the short list. We experience fear of failure, fear of dying, fear of flying, fear of water, fear of heights, fear of the dark and the fear of being alone. … Continue reading the bug machine

Feed me the Rock

Standing on the rocks in the Smokey Mountains Have you ever tasted bits of rock during your chow down of those farm fresh veggies? When garden food comes from the dusty ground it’s bound to happen. I had that happen with my beets one time. It doesn’t feel good to the teeth. Which leads me … Continue reading Feed me the Rock

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